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Invest in Germany Guide

The new Invest in Germany Guide 2017 for foreign investors approaching the European market.

World Investment Report 2016
Consultinghouse World Investment Report 2016

Prospects for foreign direct investment (FDI) continue to be fraught with risks and uncertainties.

Business operations in Germany

The German UG - "Mini GmbH"

Germany introduced the UG as a new German legal form to support entrepreneurship.

The right business location

How do you manage to evaluate the right location for your new business in Europe?

German company forms

These are the most commonly found legal company forms in Germany.

Business relocation in Germany

When planning to relocate a business, it is important to follow the German regulations.

Distance selling and VAT in Germany

German eCommerce grew in 2013 by 3.6% to 33.1 billion Euro. For us an opportunity to talk about distance-selling.

Year end closing

At the end of a financial year it is time for companies to disclose all gains and losses recorded in a fiscal year.

Employment in Germany

Immigration and employment of EU citizens in Germany

An EU citizen has the right of free movement within the limits of the European Union.

The advantage of time work in Germany

Employees being temporary employed can work in very different areas in a very short time.

The German labour leasing license

Labour Leasing provides firms with the advantages of economies of scale in lowering the cost of employee acquisition.

The German sick leave policy

Countries within the EU have different regulations. This guide gives some information about the sick leave policy in Germany.

Business turnaround in Germany

Business Liquidation in Germay

This whitepaper provides general information about the process of liquidation of a German company.

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