Market Entry & Expansion Summit Karachi 2014

Consultinghouse Market Entry & Expansion Summit Karachi 2014

On 25 of March 2014 the much awaited Consultinghouse Market Entry and Expansion Summit 2014 took place at the Pakistan German Business Forum in Karachi.

The summit, part of Consultinghouse's six day pioneer roadshow through the Pakistani market, was attended by the German Consul of Karachi and the Pakistan German Business Forum (PGBF).

PGBF, the co-operation partner for this event, has been founded in 1997 and since this time the PGBF is engaged to serve for the development of the Pakistan German Trade and Investment cooperation's. The organization is serving the business communities of Germany and Pakistan with dedicated service offers, in order to develop, maintain and back-up Pakistan German business-, investment projects and social relations. The Karachi office around Ines Chabbi and Imran Shamim has already supported numerous Pakistani and German companies to establish their business and expand operations in the region.

Expand your business with a reliable partner

On this day, Consultinghouse provided Pakistani CEOs, Entrepreneurs and individuals the opportunity to gather information about how to expand their business in the German market. On the following days of the main event, the participants had the opportunity to meet the consultants of Consultinghouse personally and discuss their individual market entry strategy as well as investment opportunities in the German market in face-to-face meetings. A deeper insight into capturing the German market was given, especially with regard to unknown tax and legal regulations "We talked about how our consultants support Pakistani businesses and how to grow sustainably in Europe while benefitting the brand through the positive image of the business location in Germany" said Martin Wilke, Managing Director of Consultinghouse.

The Managing Director of Consultinghouse, Mr. Martin Wilke, welcomed the participants and gave a short introduction to the Marketplace Germany and the services his company provides for international clients who want to expand their business in Germany. Mr. Wilke talked about the challenges Pakistani companies have to face when entering the German market and Ritika Malik, the business development manager of Consultinghouse, provided a detailed look at the legal and tax barriers foreign companies have to overcome in a new business environment. She also gave insight on the new established EU Blue Card, which is particularly designed for highly qualified individuals planning to come and live in Germany.

To overcome challenges when capturing new markets in Europe was the key point

The participants at the Expansion summit included CEOs, decision makers and entrepreneurs from various industries such as healthcare, ITC, tourism, fashion and the textile industry, who joined the event in order to share their future plans. The main objective of this event at the Pakistan German Business Forum was "to inform everyone how Pakistani companies can differentiate themselves by capturing the German market" says Andreas Wilke, Business Consultant responsible for the Pakistan and Indian market. "At the same time we talked about the cultural challenges companies have faced in the past when expanding their operations into a new market."

After the presentation, the company representatives come together for a network and get-together in the afternoon. The One2One meetings were held on the next three days with the senior partner of Consultinghouse and the decision makers of various companies in order to discuss their customized market entry strategy. 

About the Speakers

Andreas Wilke, International Client Relations

Mr. Andreas Wilke is specialized in International Business Management. He worked for Deutsche Telekom, where he gained valuable experience engaging in offshore projects between Germany and emerging BRIC countries, especially Brazil & India, with regard to cross-border investment projects.

Mr. Wilke joined Consultinghouse in 2013 and works in Client Relations to advise foreign investors on strategies to successfully operate their business operations in European markets.

Consultingcouse, Ritika Malik, Business Development Manager

Ritika Malik, Business Development Manager

Ms. Malik completed a Master degree in Business administration from the University of Jena, Germany with specialization in Strategy, Management and Marketing. She is managing business development for Indian market and is focused on our Indian clients.

Consultingcouse, Katerina Koleva, Business Lawyer

Katerina Koleva, Business Lawyer

Katerina Koleva graduated from the Goethe law school in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Since then, she has concentrated on German labour and corporate law. Katerina works for Consultinghouse as a business advisor and is also the head of the Counselhouse legal team. Counselhouse is an independent cooperation partner that has already handled multiple complex projects pertaining to German corporate and immigration law.

About Consultinghouse

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Counselhouse is committed to supporting international clients by adding a legal perspective to their business operations in Germany. Our clients engage our legal advisory service to successfully keep their operations in legal balance when doing business within and across European borders.


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