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German economy outlook for 2017

How the economy will develop in the future can only be estimated. Governments, international organizations, and industry researchers regularly attempt to predict the possible economic development using various assumptions. Our forecasts made for the German economy all point to a positive start for 2017.

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The Minimum Wage in Germany

Starting January 1, 2017, the nationwide legal minimum wage comes into force in Germany. The updated minimum wage is 8.84 Euros per hour. While the maximum working time for minijob must be 50.50 hours per month so that the limit of EUR 450 is not exceeded.

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Business Case: Dun & Bradstreet Tangram

To explore further business opportunities in new markets, an Indian Service Provider expanded it's business operations to Germany. For this reason, they needed to generate new leads and business contacts in three different countries. They successfully archived this by a professional advisory, research and contacting strategy.

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Business Case: Query Now

Our insights on Market Entry Solutions have helped our clients to enter the German Market successfully. We assisted QueryNow in determining the structural conditions of their new company in Germany und supported in the setup of their subsidiary and office in Bavaria.

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German GmbH Incorporation Process explained

According to the European Commission, Germany still maintains its 1.6% economic growth (GDP) for 2017. This economic achievement cannot only be attributed to the established local companies, but foreign companies who also incorporate their business in Germany can also be considered as a part of this success.

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Brexit and its Legal & Tax consequences for German companies

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. British and Europen Union member states ́ governments as well as the EU commission are preparing negotiations on the terms and timelines for the “Brexit.”

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Legal Requirement for Running a Website in Germany

For websites related to Germany and held by individuals or entities based in Germany, the website has to provide certain legal information, especially an imprint with information on the owner of the website and the contact details. German web sites are defined as being published by individuals or organizations that are based in Germany.

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General Terms and Conditions in Germany

Using standard terms and conditions (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen - AGB) will significantly shorten negotiation with customers and suppliers or even render negotiations unnecessary. Therefore, contracts can be entered into faster with pre-formulated terms. Also, certain clauses can be used to limit the risks to the issuer of the terms.

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