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Our Service Store helps you to scale your business as it continues to grow in Germany.

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A digital hub for your intercompany accounting

As companies branch-out into multiple markets at the same time, they would like to keep a centralized and holistic view on their accounting processes and data. 

As accounting evolves into an even more data-driven process, we have introduced an AI-powered online accounting platform that supports the intercompany accounting processes of companies that need to orchestrate the accounting flow, as well as communication within and across multiple markets.

Our experience around intercompany accounting shows that an app alone is not sufficient. Companies need to have a personal accountant on their side who knows the business and understands their business transactions.

MyDashboard supports companies to share threir invoices internally as well as with our professional accounting teams. Our platform will automatically extract all accounting-specific information of your invoices to povide the required foundation to share data between multiple accounting systems, as well as local authorities.

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Rich AI-powered invoice extraction to support your accounting processes

Say good bye to manual work. Thanks to Machine Learning, our platform processes your invoices gradually more autonomous.

Our platform supports an 100% invoice extraction to support your end-to-end accounting processes.

  • Date
  • Currency
  • Tax
  • Amount
  • VAT-ID
  • Vendor

Our accounting team is there for you to make more out of your invoice data. Talk to us for custom reporting, controlling, as well as for accounting data exchange services.

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Online subsidiary services

Manage your complete business lifecycle online and from our fingertips

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Online accounting* services

We provide online accounting services to support your business in Germany.

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Online payroll services

We provide digital employer services to better manage your workforce in Germany.

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Data exchange services

We provide services that help to connect your accounting data

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