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Payroll can be a huge challenge for your business, especially outside of your domestic market – This doesn't have to be. Consultinghouse is offering a very personalized and efficient payroll solution. Designed for businesses like yours that are operating in Germany.

Turning payroll into asset

When operating in a foreign market, companies don’t want to struggle with administrative overhead, authorities and unknown local regulations associated with efficiently run their monthly payroll accounting.

Consultinghouse’s payroll solution will take the hustle from you. Enabling you to significantly improve productivity by reducing the time, resources and cost of your payroll processes. This way you can do what matters most, you can better utilize your staff’s core competencies and time to focus on your business success.

Increase the value of what your monthly payroll can do for you

Submitting accurate monthly payslips, reports and controlling is essential. Consultinghouse takes care of the entire monthly payroll accounting process for you. This will be reducing your administrative hurdle and risk (e.g., the potential costs incurred by getting the wrong numbers, penalties or late payments).

Consultinghouse makes sure that deadlines are met and that sensitive documents will be securely shared on time. This includes establishing an active and friendly relationship with local authorities, employers as well as their employees.

Accurate and in time payroll for happy employees

Payroll processing is business critical and involves besides the actual calculation a powerful stakeholder management. Payroll management is highly people-driven and therefore complex, especially when managing an ecosystem of stakeholder outside your very well-known domestic market. Deadlines, social benefits, overtime- and extra payments etc. This can be a struggle. Get payroll wrong and you lose your people’s trust. Consultinghouse ensures accurate and on-time payroll processing, helping you to maintain your employee’s engagement and motivation.

A True Partnership

Payroll is a personal business. For this reason, a personal point-of-contact will be introduced by Consultinghouse to each of our clients. Consultinghouse payroll professionals will be responsible for the communications as well as the processing of your monthly payroll accounting. The day-to-day operations will include actual calculation of the monthly payroll according to your feedback and comments as well as providing authorities, employers and their employees with answers when needed.

Your Digital Payroll Assistant

Consultinghouse has introduced MyDashboard as a real-time Payroll management solution, for both employers as well as their employers. What does that mean? MyDashboard goes beyond tradisional employee portals. It is a cockpit for employers to digitally assign their employees to the active payroll service they have subscribed to. Furthermore, the app allows employing companies to digitaly manage their payroll service subscription with Consultinghouse itself. Whenever and from wherever.

24/7 accessibility to your Data

With Consultinghouse’s MyDashboard, employers as well as their employees have 24/7 access to their sensitive payroll documents. MyDashboard is a securely cloud-based solution developed and hosted in Germany, providing aninnovative employee portal to securely access information from any location to any given time. Time sheets, payslips, employee details and reports are all available from your finger-tips. Automatic payroll- and deadline alerts will let you know, whenever an action from your side is required. So you can be sure to know exactly where we are in the monthly payroll accounting process, what’s being paid and when. 

We reduce risk and take good care of your payroll data

Consultinghouse is a payroll solution provider with 35 year of experience of providing payroll to international companies’ operating in Germany. We ensure that your payroll processing will be handled responsibly to stay compliant with the German statutory law as well as our clients’ own company and data-security policies.

Payroll processing is a highly data driven operation. The MyDashboard as well as our IT-infrastructure are protected by superior firewalls and have restricted user access levels, based on a highly-regulated User ID Authentication. Aligned with our Consultinghouse IT security standards, your data will be protected by Secure Sockets Layers (SSL), stored and processed in Germany.

Support in every step: From advisory to delivery

Your dedicated single point of contact for all payroll matters will always be there to assist you. Within and across the communication channel you prefer.

Getting Started: An experienced consultant will be appointed to your company to ensure a smooth onboarding process. The consultant will be your main point of contact to support your company to successfully introduce MyDashboard as the main collaboration hub between Consultinghouse, your company, as well as your employees.


How to manage my monthly payroll

We believe that communication should be simple. For this reason, Consultinghouse has digitalized the way our clients engage in our payroll services. MyDashboard allows our payroll customers to

  • subscribe and to unsubscribe to the payroll services
  • easily review monthly payroll reports and your employee's payroll slips
  • share individual payroll slips with your employees once approved
  • find an eInvoice that also can be paid online (PayPal, CreditCard, ApplePay etc.

We have simplified the way how our clients share relevant payroll information with us.


We have simplified the way how our clients share relevant payroll information with us.




We show you how easy it is with MyDashboard to approve your monthly payroll reports & payroll slips, as well as how payroll slips can be easily shared with your individual employees.



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