urban lifestyle brand h.u.n.t enters the german market and opens a flagship store in hamburg

The client

The company h.u.n.t Lifestyle Ltd. is based out of Kolkata - the enigmatic city of simplicity and joy. The company started over 15 years ago with its first store in Chandigarh. Soon the brand was made available at leading departmental stores in India across Shoppers Stop, Metro, Pyramid; Saga and many other boutiques.

The export market firstly began with Russia in 2005. Soon after South Africa, USA, Slovenia, and Italy and many others followed on including Germany.

The h.u.n.t brand has an assortment of men & women - "to-go" bags, office-laptop, in-flight and gym bags, along with wallets and small leather goods in its collections - all made in genuine leather. The h.u.n.t design team is led by Italian stylist and transformed in house in Kolkata.

Today, h.u.n.t is available over 700+ multi brand outlets and leather goods stores across the world. And it’s sold over couple of portals including its own.

Business challenge

Whether electronics, food or clothing: The retail sector has many facets. Especially in leather and textiles, Germany is a strong and therefore not easy to get in market. Especially due to the fact, that Germany used to have its own large leather industry and therefore knows about quality standards and sets the bar quite high.

With its own store and employees, you must adhere to the general conditions prescribed by law, especially in Germany. The challenge was to be know about all requirements concerning the store, before the opening. In addition, Import/Export regulations had to be observed and assessed in advance. Providing goods from outside Germany to a new market turned out to be a challenge in the market entry process.

Furthermore, H.u.n.t Bags required a local presence in the form of a retail store in Hamburg, to be not only digital present, but especially physically. Due to the weak Euro-currency exchange rate, the company was keen to complete the project quickly. In addition, the store was supposed to be set up in a minimum amount of time, to guarantee a measurable return on invest in the shortest possible time-period.

To accomplish this target, the company had to run advertising and marketing campaigns for their products and publicize the company name in the new German market before the store was set up.

Meanwhile, the development of business relationships and the appointment of traders nationwide was one of the major responsibilities the company had to face while setting up the store in Hamburg.

In addition, before the store could been opened, H.u.n.t had to recruit responsible staff from the textile and retail industry to be able to run the store from the very first day.


Consultinghouse assisted H.u.n.t Bags in setting up their German subsidiary and established the company's retail store in Hamburg for Premium Leather goods. Consultinghouse delivered all the services required from preparation up to finalization from one source and managed all local regulations and requirements in Germany to ensure that the client stayed compliant with German law. Due to their detailed knowledge of the retail and sales sector, Consultinghouse helped H.u.n.t to avoid pitfalls during the shop opening process.

Once the new shop was fully registered and the company started its operational business, Consultinghouse provided H.u.n.t Bags with ongoing maintenance services, which are not only essential in the day-to-day business but also required by German law.

As both H.u.n.t as well as Consultinghouse are family-owned businesses, Consultinghouse understood the requirements and challenges the company had to face and therefore provided customized and efficient services for Hunt in Hamburg.

Along with that, our Recruiting partner HeroConsulting managed the entire recruiting and onboarding of the sales staff who are going to work in the store in Hamburg.


"They were managing our entire maintenance services, so we had not to worry about deadlines or filing procedures.” 


Adhar Sahni - Founder and CEO of h.u.n.t Bags, Genuine Leather


Due to the close guidance provided throughout the entire project, the market entry and business set up was successfully realized within only 8 weeks of time.

“Due to the fact, that we had with Consultinghouse as strong and reliable partner on our side, were able to concentrate 100% on our core business and could totally focus on the Shop opening, which had the highest priority for us at this time. They were managing our entire maintenance services, so we had not to worry about deadlines or filing procedures.” Adhar Sahni - Founder and CEO of h.u.n.t Bags, Genuine Leather

The provision of on-going services helps the company to remain compliant with German statutory law at all times. Due to the strong and personal guidance, H.u.n.t Bags was able to start its operational business quickly and gained revenues after a short time period. Thus, the company was able to continuously develop its retail business and expand in the German market. Now, the company in a position to develop the brand in sustainable and enhance its reputation and gain market share in one of the strongest markets in the world.

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