Bakken & Bæck successfully incorporates a sales office in Germany

Bakken & Bæck, a dynamic and internationally awarded digital design consultancy in Oslo, Norway, is determined to expand their business globally.

The client

Founded in 2011, their key competency is focused on supporting start-ups, as well as established companies, to plan, design and build their own digital products.

Taking their long-term growth plans into consideration they identified Germany to be their first stepping-stone to enter the wider European market.

Business challenge

Having identified Germany as their starting point for further long-term growth our client was now seeking a local partner to support them in setting up their operations on the ground in the most efficient manner.

Our approach

Consultinghouse successfully designed the process of business incorporation and personally guided them throughout the establishment of their new office in Kaiserslautern, Germany. In addition, Consultinghouse is providing ongoing monthly support such as payroll and accounting services to help the company to stay compliant with German statutory law. Along with that, Consultinghouse's legal service partner, Counselhouse, guided the client through German employment law, especially with regard to the immigration of foreign workers to Germany.

Services provided:

  • Identification of a German Limited as the most effective company form
  • Incorporation of the German GmbH legal entity in Germany
  • Employment and immigration law advisory services (provided by Counselhouse)
  • Managing local operations (Payroll & Accounting)

The outcome

The Bakken & Bæck GmbH was successfully established in Germany within less than four weeks. Providing our services in the most efficient and timely manner made it possible for our client to fully focus on their core strengths and further drive international expansion.

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