Indian Event Service Company expands to Germany

The client

A leading event services company from India which specializes in the design and construction of exhibition stands has been delivering on-demand service packages to clients all over the world for more than 10 years.

Throughout their steady market expansion in the European region they have managed to establish strong business relationships in Germany, amongst others. For this reason our client identified a critical business need to establish a subsidiary in Germany. This would allow them to further take advantage of the growing market potential in Germany.

Business challenge

The company sought help from Consultinghouse?s business advisory service to manage their business cycle in order to adapt to a new environment and therefore enhance their future growth objectives.

Questions to be considered

  • Evaluation of the most efficient market entry mode
  • Identification of the best geographical business location
  • Foundation of an independent legal entity
  • Relocating a specialized Indian workforce to Germany
  • Administration of business operations 

Our approach

Consultinghouse provided relevant strategic advice across various fundamental areas. Services ranged from supporting market entry planning with regard to the right market entry mode and the selection of a suitable location through to the actual market entry implementation.

After the successful completion of the registration for the legal entity, Consultinghouse provided support on accounting and payroll services that ensured that the company stayed compliant with German statutory law.

Services provided

  • Strategic advice regarding entering the German market
  • Incorporation of a legal entity in Germany
  • HR & Payroll Advisory Service
  • Professional services with regard to local business operations

The Outcome

The advisory team has successfully designed the process of business incorporation and personally guided the company throughout the establishment of their local office.

The most suitable legal entity form was deemed to be a GmbH. Since the new GmbH started its business operations in Germany the company has continuously been able to develop its business in the European market while Consultinghouse has provided strong guidance on the strategy as well as on the operational side.

Based on Consultinghouse's experience of more than 30 years in supporting international companies in Germany, the client has been able to successfully capitalize on market opportunities in Germany.

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