Strategic business development in Germany

The Client

A South-Korean software company has already been operating very successfully in the APAC region. Now the company is planning to incorporate a new branch office in the German market. The main business objective is to define an individual market-entry strategy that would allow the company to start and develop new business in the EMEA.

Business challenge

  • Establishing an individual business plan that would allow the company to meet the defined business targets in an unknown market. 
  • Managing and monitoring the complete progress of the market-entry approach remotely from the mother-company located in Asia. 

Questions to be considered:

  • How to evaluate and define the right business model to start business operations in Europe?
  • What are the best approaches for this type of company to the European market?
  • How are HR specific regulations to be defined and what would have to be considered when employing new staff?*
  • How would local financial controlling be set up in order to report to the Asian stakeholders on a monthly basis?

Our approach

  • Defining a long-term business strategy
  • Determining the structural conditions of the shareholders
  • Consolidation and monitoring of financial information to the Asian holding company
  • Defining a long-term HR strategy as the number of employees increase over time
  • Being a strong partner by providing support on a regular basis.

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