PARI sets foot in Germany and opens subsidiary with the support of Consultinghouse

The Company

Precision Automation and Robotics (PARI) India Pvt. Ltd. provides customized automation solutions to automotive companies. PARI began operating in 1990 and has experienced business growth exceeding 50 percent year-over- year through innovation and a focus on customer success.

The 30 -year old firm, based in Pune (India), has over 1.000 employees. Furthermore, it serves clients across 11 countries and has developed over 1500 automated systems worldwide. The company’s European Headquarters went operational this year in the City of Hanau.

PARI engineers and delivers automated manufacturing solutions for the Automotive Powertrains– Engines, Transmissions, Axels and various subsystems, using robotic technology. PARI has expertise in both conventional (internal combustion) and electric drive technologies.

PARI is one of the world leaders, serving car and vehicle manufactures around the globe. It delivers manufacturing solutions in Machining, Assembly and Testing.

Why Germany

Germany has been a pioneer in many automotive technologies, and its machinery and equipment in these areas are well established. Our association with Germany began with our equipment component suppliers like Siemens, Festo, IFM, Bosch, Rexroth, to name only a few.

During the growth phase of the automotive market in India, German manufactures entrusted their needs with PARI for their Indian projects, to gain customers like Daimler, VW and many German auto component manufactures.

"As we expanded our market globally, our customers also encouraged us to expand to Germany." --Dr. Ranjit Date, President and Managing Director, PARI Robotics Ltd.

In addition, to the expansion to Germany, PARI has entered in collaborative research programs with German universities, making the complete chain of an ecosystem with German suppliers, customers and partners.

Project management, and with the anticipated business growth, PARI envisage local manufacturing and integration to be expanded to Germany as well.

The Challenge

The company felt that an investment in Germany was important. The company feels that this would lead to more efficient working practices around the core areas of machining, assembly and testing. Business setup and company structure was very important. This is because it ultimately allows to efficiently leverage the supply chain, customer base and grow our partner relationships and business in the EU region.

PARI had to identify how to employ local talents and engineers from abroad. It also had to identify which set up would fit the company best. Ultimately, this would help to support the global business and strengthen the German operations.

Moreover, it is important to keep business operations under control and in accordance with all local rules and regulation. Therefore, it was essential for us to have a partner who has experience in working with international companies. Furthermore, the partner needs to understand new aspects of the market that we as a company could utilise.

The Solution

The Consultinghouse team put a project team together which analyzed the requirements of PARI to design a solution matching the wishes and requirements of the company. By using flexible team structure and clear and transparent processes, it was possible to have the new German company successfully established within one month.

Consultinghouse provided a single point of contact along the entire market entry process. This helped tremendously to answer all questions and understand the process down to the smallest detail.

“The set up process has been smooth and the support from Consultinghouse has been quite remarkable. We have not faced any challenges in this process.” -Dr. Ranjit Date, President and Managing Director, PARI Robotics Ltd.

The Benefit

"Germany is a highly advanced country with an efficient and system orientated environment. We regard the German people as highly advanced, professional, reliable and trustworthy. Having a company in Germany poses many benefits. We have access to new ideas, cultures, experiences and beliefs. However, we equally approach tasks with curiosity and analysis.

Ultimately, it is a pleasure working in Germany, and with German people. We aim to expand our relationship further through our commitment to the region.

The Consultinghouse staff provides most valuable information on the German Market market, rules and regulations. They never fails to keep on track with different cultures or the changing interfaces. It is a pleasure working with them on a daily basis as they convey a pure and highly refreshing approach.” -Sanjay Sarolkar,CEO, PARI Robotics GmbH

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