Sambio Coffee opens Shop in Berlin

The client

The company founded in 2006 in Drogheda, Ireland. At this time, the business was purely retail, selling quality beans and ground coffee to its customers in Ireland and the UK. In 2012 they expanded the business establishing the wholesale division supplying restaurants and cafes with their coffee. Due to the exceptional quality of their beans and the personal service provided the business expanded rapidly.

In 2017, the company wanted to expand their business to continental Europe witch an own coffee shop to promote the brand not only as retailer of coffee beans, but as own coffee shop brand.

Business challenge

The client was looking to establish a presence in Germany, one of the most attractive economies in Europe. However, doing this required a lot of operations, especially ground work, since the client is a coffee chain. The client needed an easy transition into the German market as well as a trusted German partner to work with in this transition.

In summary, the client faced the following challenges in their entrance to the German market:

  1. Identification of the perfect location for a coffee store in Berlin
  2. Incorporation of the company in Germany
  3. The need for a quick entrance into the market and the entire start-up process
  4. Identification of suppliers and partners for the coffee store
  5. Marketing strategy and pricing model for the coffee store
  6. Ensuring fulfilment of regulatory requirements and other German compliance terms

How we helped

Consultinghouse moved to help the client solve their many challenges, and even solved many other forecasted challenges. The following solutions were implemented for the client:

  • Support in identification of the perfect location for the coffee store: Consultinghouse helped the client in identifying the right location for their coffee store in Berlin. Many factors were taken into consideration and consulting house did all the groundwork required in finding this perfect location.
  • Transparent market entry process and incorporation of company in Germany: The client was helped with a transparent and very smooth incorporation of the company in Germany. Consulting House performed all operations with regular communication and inputs from the client. This led to a seamless and optimized entry into the market for the client.
  • Fast and efficient implementation of startup process: The entire startup process for the client was handled by consulting house and we ensured a quick delivery time. All the operations required for startup were optimized by consulting house to ensure a fast implementation of the startup process.
  • Complete Project Management for the client: The entire market entry and startup project was handled by consultinghouse, removing any operational burden from the client.
  • Help with identification of suppliers and partners in Germany: The client needed to identify suppliers for their coffee store and partners in other regards. Consulting house helped provide a list of reputable suppliers and partners in Germany to help the client startup.
  • Communication and Marketing strategy for the client’s entrance into Germany: The client needed to communicate their offerings to potential customers. They also needed to develop a marketing strategy to potential customers, and consulting house helped with this.
  • Accounting operations for the client: The entire accounting operations of the client was handled by consulting house. We ensured the client performed their accounting according to German regulations and compliance rules.
  • 24/7 Reports and Data Analysis for client: Consulting house provided regular reports on every part of the startup process to the client. Also, analysis of the client’s operational data was available to the client every day via consulting house’s virtual platform – MyDashboard

The outcome

The solutions we, at Consultinghouse, provided for the client yielded them several benefits. Some of these benefits are highlighted below:

  • Creation of a friendly and warm working atmosphere in Germany: Being a new entrant into the German market, consulting house helped ensure that the client found Germany to be a warm and friendly business environment. We helped ease the client into the German market and catered to the client’s doubts, misconceptions and questions. All of this helped build the client’s trust in the German people and the German economy.
  • Quick response time: The various solution process ensured that the client’s operations were optimized and they had a quick response time to their German customers.
  • Fast and efficient market entry process: Consulting House helped ensure that the client had a fast and very efficient market entry process into the German market. We fast tracked their startup process without compromising on quality.
  • The freedom to ignore the intricacies in entry and focus solely on the core coffee business: A major benefit for the client was that consulting house handled all the dirty ground work as well as the various intricacies involved in the startup process. Consulting house dealt with governmental bodies, potential customers, suppliers and commercial partners. This meant that the client could focus on their core business – making coffee.

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