MTGO Academy teams up with Consultinghouse to run monthly payroll in Germany

The client

MTGO Academy is a business and website run by and for Magic players and aims to be the prime source for Magic Online strategy, tutorials, entertainment, and news on the web. To do so, MTGO strives for excellence in three domains: content, cards, and community.

MTGO Academy owns and maintains the website, which features at least one new announcement, article, or set of videos each weekday. Each piece of content is produced by a member of MTGO Academy's team, or by a member of the Magic community.

In addition to the regular daily content offerings, MTGO Academy also maintains a YouTube channel and a channel, each one providing alternative ways to produce video content, in both streaming and VOD forms.

Finally, MTGO Academy aims to be a leader in the production of tutorial content to assist players new to the Magic Online program. Tutorials are designed to help guide players inexperienced in the Magic Online community and client, but can also be useful to readers and viewers who are already familiar with the game before exploring the online version.

Business Challenge

MTGO required an individual payroll service for its employees in Germany. The company has only a small number of employees employed in Germany and therefore needed a service provider that was capable of processing payroll not only in English, but also in a small number. In addition, due to the set-up of MTGO and the employment status of the employees, each payroll needed to be calculated individually.

MTGO needed a partner to take over the disbursement of salaries and the calculation of social insurance and wage tax, so that they could focus 100 percent on their core business and the Magic community.

Our Approach

After analyzing the client's requirements, Consultinghouse designed a successful payroll solution matching the unique requirements of a company having only a few employees on their payroll. By using flexible and uncomplicated processes in handling the payroll, it was possible for Consultinghouse to process pay slips according to the specifications of MTGO Academy and their employees. Due to the circumstance of MTGO Academy of not having its own HR/Payroll department, Consultinghouse provided a single point of contact for both employer and employee. Thus it is now possible to answer employer and employee questions and solve upcoming issues quickly.

Services provided:

  • Registration of employees in the social security system
  • Monthly salary and bonus calculations
  • Travel expenses calculations
  • Generation of pay slips in English
  • Monthly net salary disbursement to employees
  • Monthly money disbursement to German social security & tax authorities
  • Single point of contact for employer and employee

The Outcome

MTGO Academy has now successfully established their business in Germany and expanded their operations from here into the wider German and EMEA markets. The integration of the first sales managers into the company went smoothly and without complication. This allowed successful business operations from day one.

By having an experienced consulting and payroll provider on its side, MTGO Academy is able to focus on its core business. Furthermore, they do not need to concern themselves with employees? salaries as this side of the business is taken care of by Consultinghouse. By providing a single point of contact to the employee as well as the employer, Consultinghouse supports MTGO in reducing risk and takes over the complex communication and administrative processes. This effectively helps MTGO to save time and money, and drives value when operating in Germany.

This reliability has gained a very high degree of satisfaction from both employers and employees.

"Consultinghouse enabled us to employ in a legal and easy way employees in Germany and relieved us almost completely from the administration so we could fully concentrate on our business. We are very pleased with the service provided and can only recommend it." - Marin Baraba, Founder and CEO of MTGO Academy LLC

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