UK based Quanta Consultancy Services relies on Consultinghouse's corporate services

The client

Quanta is a United Kingdom, European and worldwide contract and permanent recruitment service provider. Since 1992, Quanta has been setting new standards of innovation and service in the recruitment industry, and has been actively engaged in the delivery of recruitment solutions. In the formative years the company's clients came mainly from the banking and financial sectors, where significant work was undertaken within the banking communities across several major European locations.

The technical/IT nature of Quanta's recruitment work led to a wider business appreciation and in the latter part of the '90's the portfolio of clients included companies operating in the mobile telecom industry. Driven by its success in providing recruitment services to the financial and mobile telephone sectors, the company expanded the scope of its operations in 2002 to include clients within the Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharmaceutical business arena. The client portfolio expanded significantly throughout the subsequent decade to include not just clients in Europe but also in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australasia and the USA, and Quanta currently provides its services to clients in over 20 countries worldwide.

Business Challenge

Quanta was looking for a professional service provider to keep their ongoing business operations running and to enhance their future growth objectives. The company sought help from the Consultinghouse business advisory team to keep the day to day operation cost-efficient. Quanta needed a reliable and professional payroll service provider to complete basic procedures and regulations for the staff it employed in Germany to comply with local employment law and regulations.

Furthermore, the company had to register all of its employees with the German Social System and file an income tax return declaration for each one. To avoid penalties, this had to be realized in the shortest time possible.

The Outcome

The services provided by Consultinghouse ensure that Quanta stays powerful in the highly competitive German market and compliant with German statutory law. This reliability has gained a very high degree of satisfaction from both employer and employees. By taking advantage of Consultinghouse's services, Quanta has to date successfully completed various projects and enhanced its reputation as well as gained market share in Germany. The payroll solutions provided by Consultinghouse ensure that their employees receive their salaries efficiently and on time.

By providing a single point of contact to the parent company in the UK, Consultinghouse helps Quanta to reduce risk as well as complexity in terms of their internal communication & administrative payroll process, which effectively saves time and drives value when operating in Germany. This allows Quanta to focus on its core business operations of contract and permanent recruitment servic

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