Financial Accounting & Reports Services for Rome Research Corporation

The client

Rome Research Corporation (RRC) is based in Rome, New York and has been a leading provider of Communication and Information Systems services in support of the U.S. Department of Defense for more than 35 years.

The company operates as a subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation, a NYSE listed company. RRC has a strong legacy in providing operations and maintenance services in many mission-critical areas. RRC's Information Systems services support IT Infrastructures with Networking Services, Systems Administration, Application Programming and Tier I, II and III Helpdesk Operations support. RRC's mission is to deliver innovative information management solutions through advanced technology and professional services that exceed customer expectations.

Business challenge

When RRC won contracts to provide professional Information Technology services in Germany, it needed to send out experts as well as hire specialists in the local market. Consequently it was confronted with local regulations and requirements regarding immigration and employment of experts in Germany.

Therefore, for its German operation, RRC needed a reliable and professional accounting and payroll service provider to complete basic procedures in order to keep the ordinary operation cost-efficient as well as to comply with local regulations of employment.

Our approach

Consultinghouse has assisted RRC in setting up an optimal and customized salary system, and provides RRC with a flexible Employee Payroll Solution. All these efforts ensure that the payroll has been managed accurately and in compliance with German payroll legislation. In addition, Consultinghouse supports RRC by providing on-going accounting services which also helps the company to remain compliant with German statutory law. Along with that our legal service provider, Counselhouse, guided RRC through German employment law, especially with regard to immigration of foreign expats through work permits in Germany.

Services provided:

  • Registration of the new employee at social security
  • Employee payroll solution
  • Monthly money disbursement to employees and the German authorities
  • All payroll year end work
  • Monthly Accounting services
  • All year end work provided by
  • Legal advisory services provided by

The service package offers cost-savings, security and the comfort of having a single point of contact for the company.

The Outcome

By taking advantage of contacting Consultinghouse, RRC has completed various projects smoothly, enhanced its reputation and gained market share in one of the strongest markets in the world. The services provided by Consultinghouse ensure that RRC stays powerful in the high competitive German market and compliant with German statutory law. This reliability has gained a very high degree of satisfaction from both employers and employees.

By providing a single point of contact to the parent company in the US, Consultinghouse supports RRC in reducing risk, and alleviates the complexity with regard to their internal communication and administrative processes, which effectively saves money, time and drives value when operating in Germa

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