Task Force Tips´ successfully expands its business to Germany

The client

Task Force Tips Fire Fighting Equipment (TFT) is a world leader in providing first response emergency services with high quality and innovative agent delivery solutions.

The headquarters, based in Indiana, USA, boasts a total area of 168,000 square feet, and employs more than 180 workers. Founded by Clyde McMillan, the company is still very much a family-run business with the McMillan family personally involved. Over the years, many additional products have been evolved to make firefighting more effective and safer for firefighters around the world.

TFT maintains a constant interest in staying at the leading edge of technology, in the in-depth use of computerization at all levels, and a strong desire for continuing innovative research and development and has championed the manufacture and distribution of firefighting nozzles and equipment since 1971. The company which first started in the family basement has grown many times to meet the expanding market demands, its sales force now spans the globe, representing the Midwestern business in at least 100 countries, and resulting in Task Force Tips becoming one of the leading companies in the fire industry.

Business Challenge

TFT was about to approach the European market by hiring experienced employees in Germany to develop business for the EMEA region. Due to the lack of German market understanding, they needed a reliable partner on their side with whom they could evaluate the risks and opportunities of a new market entry in Germany.

At the time, TFT had no permanent corporate existence in Germany and therefore they needed a service provider to facilitate local procedures, such as German fiscal representative, along with monthly payroll services in order to support the employment of professional workers in Germany.

Our Approach

After analyzing the client's requirements, Consultinghouse successfully designed a customized payroll solution which would meet the individual business requirements of TFT. The services provided would ensure not only the accurate management of TFT's business critical payroll operations but also compliance with the German authorities and regulations.

Consultinghouse acts as a single point of contact for both TFT and the German authorities, which streamlines communication and drives a rapid decision-making process, allowing us to solve issues quickly.

Services provided:

  • Registration of new employees with the German social security system
  • Monthly salary calculations & generation of pay slips
  • Monthly net salary disbursement to employees
  • Monthly money disbursement to the German social security & tax authorities
  • Business address and correspondence with German authorities
  • German employment contracts, provided by our partner Counselhouse (www.counselhouse.eu)

The Outcome

TFT has now successfully established their business in Germany and are expanding their operations throughout Germany and the EMEA markets. The integration of the first sales managers into the company went smoothly and without complication, allowing successful business operations from day one.

By having an experienced consulting and payroll provider on its side, TFT is able to focus on its core business, knowing that its employees are well looked after and that payroll as well as employment processes are running smoothly.

For more information about TFT, please visit www.tft.com.

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