Customized payroll solutions for the digital Start Up UXP Systems in Germany

The Client

UXP Systems is a Canada based Startup and industry leader in User Lifecycle Management (ULM. Their MINT ULM Platform powers digital identity as a strategic operator service as they transform to a seamless, digital world of entertainment, communications, and connected life services. UXP System’s ULM has been selected and implemented by some of the world’s largest enterprises including Liberty Global, Vodafone, Telia, Maxis, and others, ensuring they remain relevant in a disrupting world.

The company delivers user-centric solutions covering User Managed Privacy, Digital Transformation, Digital and Cloud Services, Seamless Entertainment and the Connected Home, providing robust identity and user management capabilities to the modern digital ecosystem.

UXP Systems was included in the Start-Up 50 ranking of Canada’s Top New Growth Companies. The list, compiled by Canadian Business and PROFIT profiles the country’s hottest young businesses ranked by two-year revenue growth.

UXP Systems ranked No. 37, with a two-year growth rate of 211%, and adds this recognition along with being selected as a ’10 to Watch’ by Stratecast, a ‘Cool Vendor’ by Gartner and a winner of the Global Telecoms Business Award for Customer Service Innovation in 2016.

To serve their current European clients better the company decided in 2017 to expand to Germany and opened an office in Berlin. The German office is used as Hub from which the entire European business is handled.

Business Challenge

UXP Systems head office is based in Canada. As the company decided to hire local and Canadian employees for their German branch, they needed specific administrative guidance in terms of registration of their local and foreign employee for payroll, tax and social security in Germany.

The company started only with a small number of employees, but planned for a fast ramp up to serve and satisfy the increasing demand from their European clients. This is why they required a service provider that was capable of processing a small number of payroll but is also flexible enough to adjust to the demand of a fast growing startup.

As it was a fresh start for the company and most of the employees in Germany, UXP Systems required a clean set up and registration for all its local and foreign employees and for them self as new employing company.

Our Approach

As a response to the challenges in terms of payroll, Consultinghouse registered UXP Systems as an employing company to the German social security- and tax system. After that, the application of German payroll tax number was also done. Once the company was set-up as employer company in Germany, all of the UXP Systems employees were registered with the German payroll and social security system. Due to checklists specially adapted to the client, also the foreign employees were quickly and easily on-boarded.

Consultinghouse designed a successful payroll solution matching the unique requirements of a fast growing startup company with having only a few employees on their payroll but a large number after a few moth of operations. By using flexible and uncomplicated processes in handling the payroll, it was possible for Consultinghouse to guide the ramp up of new local and foreign employees and to process pay slips according to the specifications of UXP Systems and their employees.

Consultinghouse provided a single point of contact for both employer and employee along the entire collaboration. Thus it is possible to answer all questions from employer and employee side related the payroll and HR operation as well as to see and solve issues before they occur.

The Outcome

UXP Systems has successfully established their business in Germany and expanded their operations from here into Germany and other European countries. The integration of the local as well as foreign employees went smoothly and without any complication. This allowed successful business operations from day one.

By having an experienced consulting and payroll provider on its side which understands the needs of a tech start- up, UXP Systems is able to focus on its core business. Furthermore, they do not need to concern themselves with payroll issues, as this side of the business is taken care of by Consultinghouse.

By providing a single point of contact to the employee as well as the employer, Consultinghouse supports UXP Systems in reducing risk and takes over the complex payroll calculation and administrative processes. This effectively helps the company not only to save time and money but drives value in a fast moving tech industry when operating in Germany.

This reliability has gained a very high degree of satisfaction from both employers and employees.

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