Connecting synergies - Joint forces: China, India & Germany

What makes a great business? Businesses today have to think even more globally - while looking specifically at emerging economies their next logical step is to identify characteristics in the nature of those new marketplaces. Once you have achieved a greater understanding about what values new economies are built on, you can think about how to adopt those varieties in culture and business in a way that can add greater value to your own people and your own organization.

The question still remains of how you can actually make this a reality and bring all these varieties of individual and unknown marketplaces in the right context to your business? Doing global business more efficiently literally means disconnecting from local boundaries. Companies have to reorganize themselves to build a global overhead that is able to look beyond the horizon of the local ecosystem of regulations, governance, business partners and strategy.

Throughout the past 10 years, we have seen great examples about how companies can leverage these differences to substantially drive their competitive ability. Let us take the technology industry as an example to indicate how IT companies have connected synergies across multiple countries. In technology we see companies that approach highly-educated engineers in Bangalore to develop complex math-algorithms. These algorithms are then passed to a production facility of hardware components in Peking where electronic devices are manufactured. Once the devices are assembled and tested the company leverages their sales & distribution office in Munich, Germany, to develop new business within the European Union.

Country Information
Facts by countryIndiaChinaGermany
Area3,287,590 km²9,596,969 km²357,021 km²
Population1,25 Billion (2013)1,36 Billion (2013)80,6 Million (2013)
Rate of economic growth5% (2013)7,7% (2013)0,1% (2013)
Per capita gross national product3100 Dollar (2009)6600 Dollar (2009)34212 Dollar (2009)
Exports 164 Billion Dollar (2009)1204 Billion Dollar (2009)951 Billion Dollar (2010)
Imports268 Billion Dollar (2009)958 Billion Dollar (2009)797 Billion Dollar (2010)
Exchange rate1 Dollar = 46.78 Rupee (2009)1 Dollar = 6.82 Renminbi (2009) 1 Dollar = 0.75 Euro (2009)
Main import countriesChina, USA, Saudi ArabiaJapan, South Korea, USA, Taiwan, Germany EU, China, India, USA
Main export countriesUnited Arab Emirates, USA, ChinaUSA, Japan, South Korea, GermanyEU, China, India, USA, Russia
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