Market Expansion Solutions for Europe

Market Expansion Solutions

Access to international markets is the key to success in an ever-developing economy. Businesses are breaking the boundaries of international borders and expanding their geographic horizons more and more rapidly.

Business Challenge

Europe can be considered to be one of the most progressive regions in the world. Thus, increasing international companies opt for a European market expansion in order to further improve their global sales and presence. However, due to the imminent legal and political restrictions such as BREXIT, foreign companies recognize the necessity to make sense on how they can centrally coordinate their respective go-to-market operations. The specific challenge lies on how can a foreign company establish a European headquarter given the current situation in Europe.

How we can help you

Consultinghouse aims to assist international and regional investors in developing and understanding of what it takes to grow sustainable business within and across the European markets. We align your products and/or serv ices with European's three strongest economies.

Our analysts study - in depth - the market growth potential together with you. The outcome of our close collaboration: Your individual expansion strategy for Europe. The strategy will be based on key demand drivers and relevant industry trends.

Using a structured, quantitative and practical approach, we help companies to incorporate new sales branches simultaneously in the UK, France as well as in Germany. As part of our market expansion solution for the European markets, we help global companies to set up a new European headquarters company (HQ). Typically, the Head Office of a global company may decide to establish a HQ in Switzerland to act as a relay between the head office and its new incorporated businesses in the UK and Germany.

Consultinghouse’s Market Expansion Services can assist any international companies to reach their desired success in the foreign market. Their business consultants are well-experienced in defining appropriate market entry strategy, evaluating the feasibility and potential of the companies ́ products or services, and developing marketing and sales channels. This range of services ensures that incorporated businesses adhere to the demands of their specific European target markets.

As most expanding companies face a wide variety of challenges from legal req uirements to immigration issues,our exclusive partner Counselhouse will independently provide tax, legal and labour aspects which may be critical in the evaluation of expanding your business to Europe's most important economies. Counselhouse is in-charged to assist international companies to understand and comply with any statutory requirements depending on their specific situation. Moreover, Counselhouse’s lawyers and tax experts can also advise on any issues concerning management compliance, restructuring or service agreements.


Headquarters companies can bring relief by allowing for business consolidation through shared services and by opening the door to interesting possibilities in the field of global tax minimization.

The main functions of Swiss management headquarters are the business management and often the financial management (e.g. treasury and cash pooling) of the group. In addition to these core functions, management headquarters often take on other functions and services along the value chain of the group, such as marketing and sales services, central procurement, legal advice, accounting, human resources services and information technology. As a further and often central component of the value chain, functions with regard to research, development and utilization of intellectual property, such as patent and trade mark rights, are transferred to the Swiss management headquarters.

As the European HQ coordinates and centralizes certain group activities for the European region, Consultinghouse's corporate solutions for the European markets will help international investors to reduce the risk, the costs involved and especially the time to market.

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