Monthly accounting* service

Accounting Services for Germany


Consultinghouse provides a wide range of accounting services designed to provide advice to our clients on improving their financial processes, managing risk, maintaining transparency and enhancing the credibility of their reporting.

How we can help you

  • Accounting of current business activities according to the German Commercial Code (HGB) and compliant with International Accounting Standards (US-GAAP, IAS / IFRS)
  • The generation of payslips
  • Registration for payroll tax
  • Declaration for social insurance

Digitalizing the way we engage with our accounting* customers

Our customers are fast moving and extremely busy developing their business in Germany. For this very reason, we have introduced MyDashboard as your personal customer portal to digitally engage with our accounting service.

MyDashboard is your personal customer portal

We believe that communication should be simple. For this reason, Consultinghouse has digitalized the way our clients engage in our Accounting services. MyDashboard allows our accounting customers to

  • subscribe and to unsubscribe to the accounting services
  • easily submit monthly accounting documents like invoices & expenses
  • receive the monthly accounting report based on submitted transactions
  • find an eInvoice that also can be paid online (PayPal, CreditCard, ApplePay etc.

How to submit my monthly invoices & expenses

We have simplified the way how our clients share their monthly invoices & expenses with us.

How to view my monthly accounting reports

We have simplified the way how our clients find access to their monthly accounting reports.

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*All services offered on this website are provided by Consultinghouse A.M.C. Int GmbH and are exclusively carried out under § 6 Nr.3-4 of the German tax adviser direction code. Consultinghouse provides management consulting as well as services with regard to accounting of current business activities, the generation of payslips, as well as the registration for payroll tax. For tax or legal services please contact our cooperation partner