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Thought leadership

When you were a child nothing seemed to be impossible. Our approach is simple. We want to be creative and visionary when talking to your clients, when thinking a problem forward, and especially when providing results back that help them to be more successful.

We belief that you only can make a change in the world, when you do not let today's world change you. For this very reason, our teams are based on diversity, on purpose, which forces us to look at issues from untraditional perspectives.

Management consulting

In today´s fast moving environment, the Consultinghouse team brings skills, market understanding and expertise together to support our clients in the area of M&A's, business development and sales, equity investments and spin-off projects.


For more than 30 years, the Consultinghouse team has been supporting internationally structured companies from around the globe and across industries to define and realize their business growth strategy in Germany and Europe.

Building relationships

People do business with people and therefore we believe in strong business relationships with our clients. Building good relationships creates substantial value and drives growth within and across business units.

Our advisory teams engage with your project teams and go beyond that, because long-term relationships build the confidence among all stakeholders that drives the success of our cooperation.

Simply visionary

Being accessible to clients and providing them with a different approach will allow them to be quick and to differentiate them from the rest. It is our promise that we think out of the box, literally in everything we do.

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