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Nationals from non-EU countries who wish to enter Germany as a representative of a foreign company are required to obtain a valid special purpose residence permit (AE) for a maximum of 12 months from the competent immigration authorities.

A prerequisite for this is the written, certified posting declaration of the principal company abroad and coverage of the cost of living for the representative for one year. For this purpose, proof of an amount of 30,000 Euros in an account in a local financial institution is required.

The AE can be extended upon expiration by a maximum of 6 months in justified individual cases at the discretion of the immigration authorities. At the latest, after the expiry of a total of 18 months, the foreign principal company must declare to the local immigration authority whether or not it would like to take part in the local economic life with all rights and obligations.

If the conversion of the representative office into a company is not desired under German or foreign law, the residence permit of the representative is not extended; the representative is then required to leave the country. If the conversion of the representative office into another legal form is desired, the purpose of the representative's current residence permit must be decided according to the provisions of the Residence Act.

How we can help you

Our cooperation partner Counselhouse can help foreign representatives to obtain a valid special purpose residence permit (AE).

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