Sales performance managment

Increase sales revenues

  • Define your sales strategy with the help from our market experts
  • Implement and monitor the new strategy
  • Increase your turnover
  • Improve and incentive your salesforce using compensations strategies

Expand market share

  • Identify suitable sales partners in Germany
  • Define your Unique Selling Point
  • Grow your business in the biggest European market
  • Manage and monitor your sales performance

Improve business organization

  • Unite your team towards a common goal
  • Optimize your product and service portfolio
  • Develop your company structure by integrating areas connected to sales and customer service



Sales performance management helps ensure organizations align sales performance with corporate objectives and sales strategy. Through more effective and efficient processes for managing sales territories and coverage models, planning and distribution of sales quotas, and calculating incentive compensation plans, organizations adopting SPM have increased revenue and improved sales margins.

Consultinghouse helps clients to manage & optimize their sales performance towards the German marketplace.

Functional areas


Companies increasingly are orchestrating multi-channel dialogs with their prospects and customers. This is not without risks. We assist our clients in aligning their sales organization with the appropriate segmentation of their customer base in Germany.

We can identify and source suitable sales partners who can build turnkey sales organizations and help define the benefits and unique features specially to your product. Then we take care of the most essential marketing communication and track successes and developments (targets) with efficiant controlling measures.

  • Development of sales & go-to-market strategies
  • Building sales channels
  • Development of appropriate procedures and naming of proper distribution channels
  • Identification of suitable partners
  • Customer reasoning and defining of sales procedures
  • Definition of USP's Competitive analysis
  • Sales performance management and monitoring of all sales channels

When hiring new sales force in order to built up a sales organization also the definition and implementation of well structured and role-specific compensation plans becomes relevant. Our partner Counselhouse is helping companies to setup customized employment contracts, as well as sales agreements.

To learn more about Counselhouse and how its legal advisory services can help clients to stay compliant with regard to the German law and regulations, please visit the following website:


Sales Performance Management is the advancement of the customer relationship management approach (CRM approach) and goes much further than the CRM view, which is reduced to the management of all interactions to customers with the objective to increase their loyalty.

At heart, sales performance management is concerned with increasing the turnover, expanding market shares and achieving better returns. This becomes important especially when developing a new enterprise in an established market like Germany.

The improvement of sales performance affects the entire company and embeds the five areas strategy and aim, marketing and sales, processes and organisation, IT support and system as well as humans and corporate culture. The following issues are taken into account:

  • Sales Performance is an issue, which concerns the entire management and not only the sales manager
  • Sales process evaluation and the consideration of an agile sales organization are fundamental drivers of the sales performance
  • Implementing a sales methodical - ranging from acquiring of new customers to the winning back of customers - helps to unite forces
  • The systematic analysis of customer data is just as important for the optimisation of the performance portfolio and the sales management as the integration of external market and competition data
  • The connection to corporate management within planning and reporting systems is fundamental for a sustainable success

We use a sales performance audit as first access to the topic. It offers a systematic frame to identify essential fields and enables the deriving of targeted measures. All relevant areas of the company are covered by using interviews with structured questionnaires and workshops. Eventually, we help our clients to help themselves as they mostly know the best where the adjusting levers for a successful improvement sales performance are.

How we can help you

We work closely together with our customers to find hidden potential in their sales systems. In order to exploit this potential, we have developed a fast and flexible sales performance framework.

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  • We are family owned. Our long- term perspective allows for good strategy and decision-making

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