Customized payroll solutions for Yocuda in Germany

The client

Yocuda is a London based Cloud Service provider. The company's digital receipts give retailers the power to identify and engage with 100% of in-store customers in real-time driving sales and profit.

The company was acquired by OneMarket, A Westfield Company in November 2017. OneMarket is reshaping the way the world shops through the world’s first retail technology network. Built on the success of Westfield Labs and Westfield Retail Solutions, the network unites retailers, brands, venues, and partners to facilitate collaboration, encourage data sharing, and implement new technologies like natural voice processing, AI, and AR at scale.

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Business challenge

Yocudas head office is based in the United Kingdom. As the company decided to hire a local employee for their German branch, they needed specific administrative guidance in terms of registration of their employee for payroll, tax, and social security system in Germany. As the company has only a small number of sales - employees employed in Germany, they required a service provider that was capable of processing payroll a small number and also generating all reports and pay slips in German and English language.

As it was a fresh start for the company and the employees in Germany, Yocuda required a fresh set up and registration for all its employees and it self as employing company. Furthermore, changes were also inevitable at that time, since one of their employees, who was hired in Germany, had also changed his residence address during the registration process. Consequently, this situation implied that administrative documents in terms of tax and payroll records had to be changed and updated while the registration continued.

Our approach

The concept of partnering with a local professional payroll provider in connection to employment, especially in Germany, should always be taken into consideration to avoid any unforeseen legal liabilities to government authorities.

The most common challenge is how to deal with international offices especially when the company´s headquarters is situated abroad. Aside from the aforementioned challenges, there might be some possibilities of uncertainties or confusion with regards to German laws and regulations given the language barrier or other bureaucratic considerations.

As a response to the challenges in terms of payroll, Consultinghouse registered Yocudas as an employing company to the German social security- and tax system. After that, the application of German payroll tax number was also done. Once the company was set-up in Consultinghouse´s HR system, then the same process was applied to their employee. At this phase, bureaucratic functions were executed in general and specific levels- namely that of the company and the employee.

In effect, the employee has also been registered to the German payroll and social system- in order to obtain a German payroll tax number as well as to be registered in the HR system. Since their specific employee changed the residential address, eventually Consultinghouse guided Yocuda to update payroll information sheet with the correct authorized information and bank details and submitted the necessary documents to the authorities.

To ensure that Yocuda received the complete payroll solutions, Consultinghouse has also been processing the monthly payroll slips of Yocuda by providing direct translations in either English or German language and these are also prepared in PDF format and distributed, when requested. The generation of withholding tax returns, monthly report to all social securities, and monthly report to insurance companies were taken care of by Consultinghouse.

Furthermore, the monthly monitoring and distribution and of money to employees, tax authorities, and insurance companies were included in Consultinghouse´s scope of responsibilities. To avoid any miscommunication, Consultinghouse provided a single point of contact to Yocuda.


The outcome

Yocuda have successfully established their business in Germany and expanded their operations from here into the wider German and EMEA regions. The integration of the first sales employees into the company and their payroll processing went smoothly and without complication. This allowed Yocuda successful business operations from day one in Germany.

By providing a single point of contact to the parent company in London, Consultinghouse supports Yocuda in reducing risk, and alleviates the complexity with regard to their internal communication and administrative processes, which effectively saves resources, time while operating in Germany

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