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We provide a delicate mix of personal as well as digital services

Our AI-powered platform supports your complete business lifecycle. All from your finger tips.

Professional services store

Seamlessly subscribe to the services you need in the very specifc phase of your entire business lifecycle.

  • Market expansion services
  • Market entry services
  • Business development
  • Business administration
  • Employer services
  • Compliance services

Our Service Store helps you to scale your business as it continues to grow in Germany.

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Explore services to support your complete business lifecycle

Simply pay your subscribed professional services online

Find your invoices for your subscribed monthly as well as one-time services directly in your customer portal. Pay your invoices with one of the following payment options:

  • Creditcard
  • Paypal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Bitcoin

And since we know invoices by heart, your invoice will automatically be processed as part of your monthly bookkeeping, if subscribed :-)

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Rich AI-powered invoice extraction to support your accounting processes

Say good bye to manual work. Thanks to Machine Learning, our platform processes your invoices gradually more autonomous.

Our platform supports an 100% invoice extraction to support your end-to-end accounting processes.

  • Date
  • Currency
  • Tax
  • Amount
  • VAT-ID
  • Document No.
  • Vendor

Our team of CFOs and senior accountants is looking forward to working with you. Together we will make more out of your monthly invoice data. Talk to us for custom reporting, controlling, as well as for accounting data exchange & extraction services.

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Monthly financial summary report

We support your monthly financial summary report from PayPal.

Sync your PayPal account direcly with our customer portal or seamlessly submit your monthly PayPal financial summary report to us in CSV format.


Amazon VAT Transactions Report

We support your Amazon VAT Transactions Report to successfully keep your monthly books for your ecommerce sales in Germany.

Our data xchange services support Commingling and AGL transactions, as well as sellers who have VAT Calculation Services activated in the previous month

Digital Invoice Management

GetMyInvoices offers automated invoice capture and retrieval of your eBills and statements from over 10,000 international online portals and saves them to one central location.

This means that all documents can be found in one location. From there, they can be conveniently forwarded to Consultinghouse.

Supporting custom file structures

Companies sometimes want to run their accounting in their own systems or even operate their own shared-service center to manage their accounting procedures across markets. 

We provide expert data management services to build secure interfaces to receive your accounting data on a frequent basis. 

Online accounting* services

We provide online accounting services to support your business in Germany.

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Online Incorporation Services

Start your new German company online

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Online subsidiary services

Manage your complete business lifecycle online and from our fingertips

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Online accounting* services

We provide online accounting services to support your business in Germany.

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Online payroll services

We provide digital employer services to better manage your workforce in Germany.

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Data Xchange services

We provide services that help to connect your accounting data

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To learn more about how we can add value to your business in Germany, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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