Business Turnaround


  • Are you needing an outside source to help you identify solutions for your problem?
  • Do you need an immediate solution to turnaround your business?

Understand your current situation and primary causes of your downturn

  • Get an outside overview of what is causing your business’ distress
  • Understand the external and internal causes and how to work them out
  • Acknowledge problems, consider changes, and implement a solution

Identify problem-solving strategies to recover your business

  • Our consultants will help you develop a successful turnaround strategy
  • Stabilize your current financial position
  • Implement changes that will turn your business around
  • Ensure a positive market wind up

Sustainable Business Turnaround

There are many reasons why a business could face financial distress, but the important thing is to recognize this situation and work with effective solutions, which a specialist can help you to identify.

Many times, these problems can be a deterioration of your company’s stock price, the need to lay off employees, debts higher than the revenues, which leads to a lack of your creditor’s payments. Outdated products or services, bad management of resources such as labor and capital may also be indicative of a business that needs to investigate turnaround strategies.

Solution description

The first step to help your business give a turnaround is to acknowledge the problems that are causing the downturn. Consultinghouse’s specialists will help you to examine the company’s management and to identify where the problem is. Our turnaround management team will examine the primary causes of your company’s downfall and conceive a strategic plan that may include restructuring or repositioning the business. However, in alarming situations, the best action may be to liquidate the company.

How we can help you

It can be very challenging to navigate a business through an economic downturn but our experienced restructuring team can support you. Whether your company has gone down or experienced serious financial difficulty, we can provide experienced advisory & due diligence services to effect a positive business turnaround.

Our turnaround solutions at a glance

Intellectual property
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Brand management
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Sales performance
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Market entry strategy
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Corporate strategy
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