eCommerce solutions


  • We supprt online marketplaces (Amazon, Kaufland, Zalando, etc.)
  • We support your own marketplaces (Shopify, Spryker)
  • We support German companies and distance seller

Data Management

  • We provide and manage connectors to your marketplaces
  • We turn your sales transactions into individual journal entries
  • We do more with your data

VAT & OSS Automation

  • We register you as a ecommerce seller in Germany
  • We prepare your data for OSS and VAT reporting*
  • We work with own or your tax partners to support the entire process end-to-end


Selling products online has become a popular way of doing business in the modern world. E-commerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify have made it easier for small and large businesses to reach customers globally. However, selling in Europe comes with its own set of challenges for

Business Challenge

Harmonizing cloud-based accounting programs with the German chart of accounts

Many international startups and professional e-commerce sellers are using cloud-based software (e.g. Xero, Quickbooks) to consolidate and manage their e-commerce transactions across marketplaces like Amazon and Shopify.

Unfortunately, most of today’s cloud-based accounting programs still seem to have limitations in terms of managing multiple charts of accounts. For this reason, e-commerce sellers will run into limitations when preparing e-commerce sales transaction data for European OSS and German VAT reporting.

Reconciliation of e-commerce transactions with online payment data

When carefully observing OSS accounting requirements it soon becomes very obvious that data received from marketplaces like Amazon and Shopify are received in raw form (e.g. the Amazon VAT transactions report in CSV format).

The challenge for every e-commerce seller is now to understand the generated sales transaction data in order to have the data prepared in a format that can be seamlessly reported to the right institutions.

This step becomes even more sophisticated when the e-commerce seller is actually a registered legal entity in Germany. If the e-commerce seller is a registered German company every single sales transaction not only has to be created as an individual journal entry but also every journal entry also needs to be reconciled with the corresponding payment transaction.

With regard to the reconciliation of sales and payment transactions, e-commerce sellers need to also think about managing the reconcilation of their marketplaces with multiple payment services. Last multiple payment statuses have to be taken into consideration because not every sales transaction is successfully completed and therefore might not be relevant for the specific reporting.

Solution description

Consultinghouse is supporting leading e-commerce sellers to manage their sales transactions and payment data to stay compliant when selling online within and across the European markets.

  • Seller registration & setup support
  • Data management & plausibility check
  • Transactions to accounting journal automation
  • One-Stop-Shop (OSS) & VAT reporting support*
  • Company lifecycle management

Business value

Selling products on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify can be a great way to reach customers globally, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Registering for VAT and complying with tax regulations can be time-consuming and complex, but with the right tools and knowledge, it's possible to manage and prepare your sales transaction data and be prepared for European OSS VAT reporting.

Zalando marketplace

Zalando offers different business models and services for partners, fashion brands and retailers to sell their products on their marketplace to German customers. 

Talk to us to learn more about how we help you to get started in Germany as well as how we can process your monthly accounting* data.


Amazon VAT Transactions Report

We support your Amazon VAT Transactions Report to successfully keep your monthly books for your ecommerce sales in Germany.

Our data xchange services support Commingling and AGL transactions, as well as sellers who have VAT Calculation Services activated in the previous month

Market Expansion Services

ME.S is a professional services firm committed to helping international companies to reach new customers for any kind of product in Germany & Greater Europe. Our services can be tailored to support individual steps of the value chain. Furthermore, we advise companies to organize and operate their own individual value chain within and across the European markets.

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