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Recruiting the right talents is a critical issue for any company expanding into a new market/country such as Germany. A recruitment and talent management company can help you build the proper framework and assist you in the management of the recruitment process within the German talents market’s demographics, educational and training background, and diversity. This is an advantage for you as an emerging player in the market, to be perceived as an employer of choice for the right and distinct talents. Expanding to a new market as large as Germany is a challenge and you need to have reliable partners to give you the necessary helping hand.
Besides recruiting, you should ensure to have the best strategies to retain qualified professionals and guarantee that your company is compliant with the German labor law and immigration regulations.


Working for and with your employees is a sensitive topic. For this very reason, Consultinghouse makes sure that you, your employees as well as our advisory team are always on the same page. Being able to work very closely with you enables us to execute quickly on the notion of your continuously changing business environment. We will help you make sure you find the best workforce in the market and stay compliant with the German regulations.

Our employer services at a glance

Direct Employment

Hire talent in Germany without a legal entity - Fast, easy and legally compliant!

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European blue card

We help to obtain a European blue card for specialists working in Germany.

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Work permit

We apply work permits for your employees working in Germany.

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Work contract*

We help to structure work contracts for your employees in Germany.

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Labour leasing license (AüG)

We help to obtain a AüG license for Germany.

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We run your monthly payroll in Germany.

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  • Our clients success is our success. Our objective is to grow along our clients
  • We are family owned. Our long- term perspective allows for good strategy and decision-making

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