Intellectual property

Maintain a competitive position

  • Identify competitors
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors in the market
  • Strength and protect your brand

Guarantee the return of investment with IP

  • Ensure that the resources spent on Intellectual Property give you a return
  • Protect your assets
  • Minimize risks

Motivate an innovative work environment

  • Incentive technologic and pioneering inventions
  • Standardize your product/service to European quality


Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) can create and add value to an organisation within and across multiple countries. By using IPRs as a strategic tool, Intellectual Property assets can be turned into Intellectual Capital that support the following business objectives: 

  • To ensure business flexibility
  • To secure business profitability
  • To maintain superior competitive position

Business Value

The right IP strategy can be used globally for the benefit and growth of the whole enterprise. Our global competence centre for patent strategies will enable you to evaluate scenarios about how to develop your rapidly growing intellectual assets more effectively and in multiple ways.

How we can help you

Consultinghouse provides companies that have high potential to develop their inventions with great expertise on managing their patent portfolio for cutting-edge technologies.

Customers benefit from a wide range of patent strategy advisory services provided for the following topics:

  • Trade marks & brands
  • Confidentiality 
  • Copyright 
  • European patents 

It is our team's objective to dedicate as much time as required to your IP development plan allowing us to achieve a deep understanding of your invention. In this way it will be most effective for you to achieve the highest value of patent protection in Germany and Greater Europe.

Service Provided


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Why us?
  • Strong experience in supporting foreign companies to develop their business in Germany
  • Our clients success is our success. Our objective is to grow along our clients
  • We are family owned. Our long- term perspective allows for good strategy and decision-making

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