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Business Challenge

Do you want to grow market share? Diversify risk? Add new competencies? With a well-created growth strategy in hand, you’ll be better prepared to recognize possible mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures that could help shift your company toward its ultimate goals.

Solution description

Achieving high growth starts with a true understanding of the marketplace as it really exists and how your firm is actually perceived (not as you’d like it to be perceived). Do your research and understand fully what each firm—the acquired as well as the acquiring—bring to the equation.

In the end, a successful high-growth strategy will include the following elements:

  • It is forward-looking—A good strategy is not just a response to what has been. It’s about what can be achieved. Where do you really want your firm to go? How will you get there? What needs to happen to do it?
  • It doesn’t require complete consensus—If absolutely everyone thinks it’s a great plan, then you’re not taking appropriate risks.
  • It does require buy-in—Senior management must be onboard and embrace what needs to be done. Without management buy-in, any strategy is doomed to failure. But don’t forget your employees. Workers at all levels should be enthusiastic about what the firm is gaining and where it’s heading.
  • It focuses on implementation—High growth requires careful implementation of every aspect of a business strategy and plan. Follow through with implementation.

If M&A is a part of your growth strategy, focus on the emerging culture and brand and carefully shape the new firm. And consider carefully how the merged firm will generate organic growth.

How we can help you

For more than 30 years, we have been helping internationally structured companies from around the globe and across industries to define and realize their business growth strategy in Germany and the wider European market.

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Why us?
  • Strong experience in supporting foreign companies to develop their business in Germany
  • Our clients success is our success. Our objective is to grow along our clients
  • We are family owned. Our long- term perspective allows for good strategy and decision-making

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