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Managing data-driven businesses

As the wold becomes more digital, also companies adopt new ways - not only to connect with their customers - and also how data flows within and across their own ogranisations. 

Keeping data-driven decision making and reporting in mind as the end goal, it is important to understand that information is the final product of data. Here, the quality of the final information obtained is directly related to data used in the first place.

Consultinghouse has got the experience to securely and efficiently process your accounting data. Our data processing methodology includes the procedure of gathering, arranging, relating, translating and registering the data in such a way that it provides reasonable and valuable information in our customers decision making and reporting.




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We connect with your systems

Digital CFO services

International companies want to quickly start and scale in a strong German market. While the need for personalized CFO services is high, the data flow should run as seamless as possible in the background.

Consultinghouse is the central invoice management software for your company. Based on your monthly transactions we provide online CFO services that help companies to run and grow their business in Germany.

Amazon eCommerce Connector

The Amazon VAT Transactions Report provides detailed information for

  • sales
  • returns
  • refunds
  • cross border inbound
  • and cross border fulfillment center transfers

generated through Amazon’s European Websites (,,,,, Webstore by Amazon (WBA), and Amazon European Fulfillment Network (FBA and multi-channel fulfillment).

Consultinghouse can help you to quickly understand your Amazon transactions data in order to meet reqired VAT reporting obligations in Germany & greater Europe.

Monthly financial summary report

We support your monthly financial summary report from PayPal.

Sync your PayPal account direcly with our customer portal or seamlessly submit your monthly PayPal financial summary report to us in CSV format.


Amazon VAT Transactions Report

We support your Amazon VAT Transactions Report to successfully keep your monthly books for your ecommerce sales in Germany.

Our data xchange services support Commingling and AGL transactions, as well as sellers who have VAT Calculation Services activated in the previous month

Digital Invoice Management

GetMyInvoices offers automated invoice capture and retrieval of your eBills and statements from over 10,000 international online portals and saves them to one central location.

This means that all documents can be found in one location. From there, they can be conveniently forwarded to Consultinghouse.

Interfacing with Xero

Consultinghouse has developed best-practices to interface with Xero in order to process accounting data for the German market. 

Consultinghouse will prepare the accounting data according to German accounting principles (§ 6 Nr.3-4 StBG), while at the same time providing accurate accounting information back to the parent company in order to support group consolidation of multiple markets directly in Xero.

Turning Shopify orders into beautiful journal entries

Introducing the Shopify Accounting Connector to turn millions of orders into beautiful journal entries, keeping thousands of eCommerce professionals compliant when selling within and across the European markets. With this plugin, automated accounting reports are turned into beautiful journal entries that can be used to manage taxes and VAT across multiple countries.

We manage all data processing from order creation to facilitation of management reporting so you can focus your time on what's important - rapdily growing your business while staying comliant in Germany.

Supporting custom file structures

Companies sometimes want to run their accounting in their own systems or even operate their own shared-service center to manage their accounting procedures across markets. 

We provide expert data management services to build secure interfaces to receive your accounting data on a frequent basis. 

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