Business incorporation Germany

Business Incorporation Germany

Enter new markets: Incorporate your business in Germany

  • Do you have a great product or service?
  • Are you already successfully operating in your domestic market?
  • Do you feel that it is about time to take your business global?

Business incorporation solutions for Germany

We help expanding companies:

  • to build sustainable business platforms in Germany
  • to run their back-office operations in Germany extremely well
  • to grow their business within and across the European markets

Business incorporation methodology

  • We help expanding companies to conduct an in-depth market potential analysis for Germany
  • We support expanding companies to define an individual market entry plan for Germany
  • We assist to evaluate the right German legal form to meet your business model
  • We guide expanding companies through the complete business incorporation process and beyond
  • We cooperate with German law offices, notarized solicitors, banks and German authorities to guarantee a successful company incorporation in Germany
  • We engage in personal long-term business relationships

Consultinghouse is committed to supporting its international clients in every single phase of their market entry process. Please find an overview about the Consultinghouse market entry solution framework for Germany as follows:

Consultinghouse's Business Incorporation Methodology for Germany
Consultinghouse Market Entry Framework for Germany


To receive a signature from a German notary might eventually go very quickly, however, German banks as well as German authorities will most likely challenge foreign companies with additional questions and can seriously block the incorporation process. Please note that every German legal entity also requires a German bank account.

Please consider topics as follows

  • Business Plan, including financial forecast
  • Money laundry prevention
  • Background checks of (foreign) shareholder and managing directors
  • Proven track record that the company has historically already engaged into serious business relationships with German and European partners
  • etc.

For this reason, the timeframe of a successful incorporation process is subject to the individual business objectives as well as to the complexity of your underlaying business model.

To provide a rough guideline, approximately four to six working weeks have to be taken into consideration to have a new legal entity successfully incorporated in Germany. Please note that the actual timeframe is subject to the level of engagement between Consultinghouse and the expanding company.

How we can help you

Consultinghouse has got the experience to support expanding companies, as well as foreign investors in opening a German bank account. We help expanding companies to design a tailor-made business plan which will minimize risk and at the same time, guarantee a successful implementation of the individual market entry strategy.


Expanding a business to another market is a serious undertaking. For this reason, foreign companies need to take into consideration that the incorporation of a business in Germany represents an initial investment, however, the actual cost drivers to successfully develop business in Germany are mainly related to ongoing front-, as well as back-office activities.

Please find additional functions, that have to be considered pre-, as well as post the incorporation process of your German legal entity, as follows:

Front-office activities:

  • Marketing & PR
  • Business Development & Lead Generation
  • Pre Sales Engineering
  • Customer Success Management

Back-office activities:

  • Monthly accounting & financial reporting
  • Monthly payroll
  • Monthly compliance
  • Communications & collaboration with German authorities and institutes
  • Tax & legal cases
  • Year-end accounting

Your partner from the very start

We want to grow along with our clients and for this reason our goal is to contribute to our clients successful from the very start. A well prepared entry strategy for the German market will guarantee sustainable growth within & across the European markets. Consultinghouse is committed to working very closely together with expanding companies to carefully prepare all required steps.

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