How 1600 Cyber International successfully entered the German market with Consultinghouse

The client

The IT consulting company, 1600 Cyber International GmbH, was successfully established in Frankfurt, and it has been growing since then.

1600 Cyber International, is a California based company that offers cyber security solutions focused on delivering protections against the most frequent cyber security attacks i.e., Ransomware, Malware, Cyber Espionage etc. The company support all defensive and offensive cyber operations, as well as cyber intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and mitigation strategies.

Their team of consultants work with different types of industries such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Information Technology, Defense, Government and Local Municipalities. The focus on diversity helps them to consistently specialize and deliver excellence in many of the fastest growing IT industries.

In order to make a greater impact in a direct, intimate way in their client's experience, they are unequivocally committed to protecting their customer’s business, assets and especially their privacy.

In 2018 the company decided to set up a branch in Frankfurt Germany to serve their German and European clients.

Founded in 2011, their key competency is focused on supporting start-ups, as well as established companies, to plan, design and build their own digital products.

Taking their long-term growth plans into consideration they identified Germany to be their first stepping-stone to enter the wider European market.

Business challenge

Looking for the best market opportunity in Europe to set its first European office, 1600 Cyber International decided to start their business in the heart of the continent. Germany’s strong economy, technological and innovative environment, and qualified labor-power were the main reasons that attracted the company. The country is located in the heart of Europe which provides the opportunity to operate in other major European countries within only two hours flight.

As an innovative and entrepreneurial company, 1600 wanted to have a fast and uncomplicated process, so the company could concentrate on what matters the most, the IT security of their clients. As time matters, the company wanted a quick transition from the US to the European business but still comply with all rules and regulations in Germany, without needing in detail to understanding the German bureaucracy. Important questions that were raised

  • What is the bureaucracy involved in starting a GmbH;
  • How long does the process of establishing a company take;
  • How to stay compliant in Germany and fill the statutory requirements;
  • How to employ foreigners as work staff in Germany;
  • How to get a Labor Leasing License (AÜG);
  • What are the requirements for work and residence permits for foreign employees?


1600 Cyber International found in Consultinghouse the perfect match for a partner. They were looking for a high trust relation and especially, a close and transparent guidance throughout the project. It was important for them to have a partner with an innovative profile that thinks outside the box and would use new approaches and fresh ideas in the market implementation.

Consultinghouse took over the entire project management, from start to finalization, with all services offered out of one hand to guaranteeing a high degree of security and flexibility towards the client.

Consultinghouse’s business consultants were able to quickly establish the business in Frankfurt, so the company was ready to go to the German market as soon as it was possible. After discussing a timeline for the project, Consultinghouse helped to prepare the documentation in German and English for registration, set up an appointment with local authorities and accompanied the management team of 1600 during the entire process. Another important procedure for the client was the trademark registration. The Consultinghouse consultants helped to make the application and follow up the entire process until completion. After established, the company got support from our accountants and tax specialists, managing to stay compliant in all German regulation matters.

With the legal partner, Counselhouse and its lawyers, 1600 could also cover all legal aspects of the process of hiring their non-EU consultants. In addition to the work and residence permits, 1600 needed a Labor Leasing License (AÜG), which is a requirement in Germany for companies who use temporary workers as work force. Counselhouse provided the entire support until the client obtainment the license.


The entire project ran fast and without complications. While our specialists took over all the operative activities, the client could focus on its main business strategies and operations in Germany. With all the services coming from only one source, we guaranteed our client’s privacy and data security as well as a fast and easy market entry, Furthermore, the provision of ongoing services for the company maintenance guaranteed their compliance in the German statutory law.

The success of the expansion to Germany allowed the company to start the project: “Complete Cyber Security Training Solutions” in partnership with ISACA and other industry leaders. It is a certificated training program, where their consultants use intensive technical knowledge, experience, and past achievements to help client organizations to implement the learnings in their own institutions.

With the support from Consultinghouse, 1600 Cyber International was able to have a quick entry at the German market and is now developing its business also in other European countries.

For more information about 1600 Cyber International GmbH, please visit 1600cyberinternational.

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Why us?
  • Strong experience in supporting foreign companies to develop their business in Germany
  • Our clients success is our success. Our objective is to grow along our clients
  • We are family owned. Our long- term perspective allows for good strategy and decision-making

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